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Saturday, July 26, 2014

[News Delusional] Indirect Yulsic On Jungsist Show Episode 3

yuhuuu... i finish watch jungsist video on the morning, at night i am so lazy, :( to much work. so i just watch on morning before prepare to go to office >.<.

but you know? don't try to watch jungsist show on the morning, cos after you watch this video you will hungry like crazy..

nyam nyam.. i want taste all food on jungsist show :3

oke.. ! lets start delusion !

1. Tent
when hyoyeon and tiffany come to jungsist show, hyoyeon show all of gif fans present to jungsist show.. and
hyoyeon grab a red tent.

and ask to other let's go to the Han River.

and what will you do with a tent on Han River ? 'camping' ?? ahahaaha... you know i just remember this...

yul have upload photo about camping too... hahahaha... but you can read complite delusion on this site :

2. Carry The Umbrella

Jessica, Tiffany and Hyoyeon so cute when they discuss about topic how "why is great to be small"

and when Tiffany read the reason " you never carry the umbrella ", They like that the boyfriend is carrying the umbrella.

yeah..... sica i know you have a cool 'boyfriend' since 2008.

3. Special Gift

Tiffany, Hyoyeon and Sica play test about Dating Personality Test and the first test about :
It's your anniversary, you want to give a special gift, but what would you chose as a heartfelt gift ?

a. A collection of pictures with your lover, an album of you two.
b. You write down the words you haven't yet been able to say and send it to their home
c. You buy tickets for an overnight trip together
d. Rent a small cafe and have a party between the two of you.

and sica answer is.....

a. A collection of pictures with your lover, an album of you two.

ahh maybe this for reason why we never have this selca on sica weibo or yulstagram, because sica like to collection picture not share picture :(

3. Never Discuss About Skinship
next test to find out what kind of skinship you want..

and unfornelly sica doesn't like this test and want to skip..."it's dangerous, go for it"

it's the same reaction when SNSD go to start radio and the MC ask about skinship "what kind of skinship, do you like?"

Jessica realy not interest talking about this topic

but because she must answer, she just ask she don't like people that are aggressive about it..

oke, then i think someone become not agressive again... fufufull.. yulsic couple just hold hand and just sica always put her head to yuri shoulder... so, can i think yuri not aggresive? hahaha.. but i just remember, yuri always hyperaktive when she with another person, and so aggressive *you can watch so much yulti, yoonyul, yulsun, yulsoo, yulhyo moment*, but when yuri with sica she soo... calm and not agressive like this

i think i will make another post :P, so much delusion.

hihi you like kiss on your forehead the on lips sica ?? ah you are so cute person >.<.

But about skinship., i think sica so smart not realy want to talk this topic, you know.. when we talk about this topic maybe we accidently talk about that 'person' like tiffany accidently talk she have write a love letter, when hyo talk abou gift present.., so rather than discuss about skinship is  better not talk about it to much, you know more skinship its same more headline news maybe coming :) - re read what i delusion

4. Always Remember You
This part when krystal and sica tease each other with music.. haha and you know krytal tease sica with sing I Got A Boy, and the line is Yuri line.. hahaha how become krystal sing this part ? why she not sing jessica part?

fufufu... you so smart kid soojong !! thanks to make yulsic shipper smile :P

5. Miky Socks
when krystal and jessica have photoshoot.. just look sica, she use Miky Socks..

don't blame your brain if you always remember somenone how like miky so much :P

6. Eating together


like this...

ah.. finally... episode 3 finished... going to episode 4...

ps : some one ask me to me write like this :
i hope you write more about "jelousy Yuri" or everything about Yuri to Sica, because in every single video i watched, many video show sica's the one interest in Yuri, but, well Yuri is the one that want to help her when she fall, want to listen to her when she whisper, and give full attention to listen to Sica. and etc.
good idea, maybe need post i will make what i am delusion about "jelousy Yuri", but if between of you have any source, fancam, video, mv, fanacc, about "Jelousy Yuri" just ask me too. hahah it will be so good if we can share of we thinking about yulsic :))

- my delusion brain
- sonexox -

Friday, July 25, 2014

[News Delusional] Another Sky - Yulsic Moment 20140725

we have waiting more than 1 week, finally have yulsic moment... yeahhhhhh !!!!

'Another Sky' is japan programe talk about soshi bond, and give they cake supprise 7 year Girl Generation.

[TRANS] 2014.07.25 SNSD's message on JPN LINE:
To those who watched 'Another Sky', thank you
We were able to have a very enjoyable filming in Korea after a long time
The song that played at the end is called 'Indestructible', and it's a new song in our best album, 'THE BEST'.
We sang our honest feelings with these lyrics, and we really love this ballad that's like a treasure.
Please listen to it
**skipped all emoticons and links ^^;
Translation by RedSunsetXIII (redsunset on SSF)

and we have yuri and sica sitting side by side on this programe :)).

but always.... we have yultisic moment :( 

look sica expression... hohoho.. someone maybe jealous.

another yuri 'girl friend' seperated yulsic again... and now is sunny ! hahahaha.. just look yuri and sica expression, why can have yuri and sica holding hand together again :(

and... finally have yulsic moment with no member can seperated :))

they so good together... 

want watch this programe, wait someone give english subtitle .. >.<

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

[News Delusional] Indirect Yulsic On Jungsist Show Episode 2

wow.. i think all of you like the first episode about indirect yulsic on Jungsist show.. i just finished watch episode 2... i just enjoy watch all of show.. Jessica and Krytal realy cute and sweet... and Sica is a good sister, she always take care Krystal >.<, it's just remind me of my sister :(. fyi : my sister already married, ahh I know what Krystal  will feel., have a older sister is very happy and always make your live so easy..

oke, stop to sad feel,  ahagz.. you know i have found so many sneaky yuri coming on J&K show.

Lets start the delulu time..!

1. Eating Alone
when sica waiting krystal on cafe, she say " I'm not the type of person to be eating alone, you know?"

ooo.. so sica always have a person to company her when eating... i just remember read fan account like this :
"jess came for breakfast, another female drove the car, the other female was wearing her hat low so person who saw them couldn't see who she was, but she guess she's a celeb too"
"wearing hat low" , i think krytal not person how like wearing hat.. so i just remember this person....

and most importantly sica and yuri have apartment / villa in the same place.. so, sica never feel alone right.. becouse her 'seobang' always can company every time she want :P

2. Violent Sica
on this show you will see how violent sica with her sister.. she always push and kick her sister like this.. lol how sweet she.. :P

hahaha.. and she always like that with this person too.....

poor yuri and krystal.. hahah they maybe have lucky and poor person with the same time :P. Always become sica lovely bullying target.. lol

3. Pitcher Baseball
when sica and krytal playing dart, they remind about sica first be pitcher...

hahah.. i thinks sica not realy good to 'throwing game' she always fail .. hahahaha

sica must learn play 'throwing game' with BK Yuri... she is a good pitcher lol

hahah.. sica don't be sad if you can not play dart, which is important you can shoot right in the heart of yuri.. lol

4. White Flat Shoes

when sica and krystal go to out.. hohoho.... i see the white flat shoes again....

and yul instagram photo come to my mind again......

ah.. why she must delete this photo on instagram -.-''

5. Chocolate
hohoho.. went scane tiffany and hyoyeon got to buy bread to sica, they mention sica very like chocolate...

and this person always post about chocolate place on her IG, but she doesn't have take a picture with chocolate just a place / store :)).

[130702 “i found it" finally found place who have a good chocolate, yul ? :) or you just want say to other person, "look, i finnally found your favorite chocolate place, i will buy special chocolate for you.."..check this website if you want buy too :P  See's Candies: Chocolates & Chocolate Candy,

hiihi yul so busy and happy found a place who have a good and delicious chocolate for gift ??. lol

6. Cooking Time
Sica on 2014 so very different, she can cook !!! hahaha can we celebrate this ?? our princess finally can cook somethink :')

it's very different from 2010 where yuri and sica have cook together..

yuri teased sica and says "because sica cannot cook!"  hahahah... so sica.. you teach how to cook becouse it is??

watch full... on 2:34 and say sica reaction.. and another yul and sica cooking time again, when sica try to make pizza, and sica say.. she will make pizza just for yuri...

watch full

hahaha and know she can beat yul and say "yul i can cook now ! i will cook you every day.. and you must eat all !" and maybe this for reason why yul look so chubby right know.. she always eat sica cook. lol

7. Fried Rice ( Somebody Would Love This Picture) 
i think no need more world to explain.. you can read this artike about this

but that interest me, when sica say "somebody would love this picture" she says with 'english'..
You know.. it's just my delusion or whatever the call.. i will just say 'english' or says with other language different my national language when i talk 'a secret' and doesn't want someone to realy understand what i say..
hahaha.. it's just sica habbit ? when she says the person she like to her little sister? she use 'english' ? :P who know... hahah but.., its so interest.. :)) .

i will continues watch episode 3.. hoping to get enough free time

credit :
- my delusion brain
- sonexox -