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-Bagi mereka saya aneh karena saya berbeda, bagi saya mereka aneh karena mereka semua sama-

-Saat kamu tidak menemukan atau mendapatkan apa yang kamu ingin kan, maka saatnya kamu membuatnya sendiri-#reader frustasi pengen baca fanfict byun tapi di protect terus jadi translate sendiri aja

-Disini semua fanfict translete khusus untuk 18 tahun ke atas, so jika masih di bawah 18 tahun mohon untuk berpikir dlu jika ingin membacanya, NC dapat menyebabkan serangan jantung, pusing dan mual-mual. Segala bentuk ketergantungan dan ketagihan di tanggung pembaca tidak di tanggung empu eyek!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

[E-Book Delusional] Guide To Be A Loyal Royal Shipper For Dummies

ahaha.. i just found this book on soshified forum.. and i want share to you.. its helful if you a newbie become royal shipper :))

This dummies book is compiled and designed by alzeelia and monkeyjjang
Special thanks to barista xun-eunsoo-Daniel-Cherrie-Regine for the help with the compilation ^^
Thank you to all royal shippers for the support ^^
Royal Shippers hwaiting and spread the royal love!

Have fun !!!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

[News Delusional] Hidden Message on Jessica Interview - Yuri is Jessica's Ideal Type ?

who finished read interview Jeesica with ??? The seasons will be changing soon; what fashion items are on your must-buy list?
Jessica: A perfect biker leather jacket, and a large V-neck wool sweater paired with a perfect large scarf. If you could be invisible for one hour, what would you do?
Jessica: Hm…If I could be invisible for an hour…if it was two hours…or three…I would go to Hong Kong’s Disneyland. Who is the man of your dreams? Does he have a particular feature that attracts you?
Jessica: I want him to be someone who is very smart, infinitely gentle, interesting, and will care for others. At the same time he would still be ambitious, hard working, and a leader: the perfect combination of these three traits. If you were a man, who would you pursue to be your girlfriend?
Jessica: That’s a very interesting question! Well…if I were a man, I would want my girlfriend to have the same qualities and characteristics that I just described for my ideal man.

credit : soshified -

and who broken heart and have negative thinking after read this interview and alwayas connected, " why this question like that !, or oh noo.. jessica dating.. or argggghhhtt i know the man, absoluly KT!!! or f*ck she mention HK again or why she always mention this city i think bla bla disney more good and etc "

but can be we always positive thinking ?? just re - read what i post before :

and i will let you know how positive mind i have ~

lets start what i delusion :P

Saturday, August 9, 2014

[News Delusional] 7 Years Of Love - The Beginning of Love - 2008

some one ask me :
can u make complication link of yulsic mmt pics + gif
oke i will try my best to make the complication, you know i start ship yulsic couple middle of 2013 less then 1 years. so i miss so much yulsic moment in the past to.. :( . i think i make this post can make me feel how sweet they are in the past, we can't back to the past but we can still remember in keep it in our heart. :).

SNSD group make when 22.07.2007 ~

you can complate read the artikel on this site :

Lets start yulsic moment from  2008 ~

you know how feel have first love ?
lets start my delusion ~

This video upload on youtube Jan 29, 2008 like complication what happen on yulsic july 2007 until january 2008.

Cooking Pizza - i just released cooking pizza is yulsic moment on 2008 hahaha because they re-upload this video on youtube 2014.

This video yulsic moment, upload on youtube Aug 21, 2008

i wish i can found all of this fancam.. you know its very cute .... i don't know why shipper like delete their fmv or blog when their couple cought dating with another person or just have a scandal rumors.. and i know its happen to yulsic shipper :( too.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

[News Delusional] How To Find Jelousy Yuri ?

someone ask me write about this
i hope you write more about "jelousy Yuri" or everything about Yuri to Sica, because in every single video i watched, many video show sica's the one interest in Yuri
hahah just check this photo and video.. you now how sica always be jealouse person when yuri get attention to another woman.. hahah so protective !

ahh.. or can re - read what i post on when dream concert 2014 how sica so protective drag yuri every where and not can allow yuri close with other girl in the concert ahahaha... sica look like jealouse person and protective person in ther world.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

[News Delusional] Indirect Yulsic On Jungsist Show Episode 4

i have so much time to make delusional this weekend , .. Yeah... Indirect Yulsic On Jungsist Show Episode 4 !!!

let's start !!

1. Selca

the first opening, krysica selca !! and fans sica and krys will hope sica upload the selca on weibo, but until now this selca never up on her weibo.

these fell just same what yulsic shipper fell with these selca. :'(

Saturday, August 2, 2014

[News Delusional] Yulsic Moment on HK Concert 140802 - The Time To Revenge

Yulsic start this month with so much drama.., hahah hit my delusion brain everythink i see.. these couple always can make me build a story with their cheap ( sneaky ) moment..

read this drama before you continue read this post :

and here we go....

Yuri and Sica  stand side by side, and always no interaction -.-''

yeahh.. hot performance...

maybe b'cause the weather so hot or the person beside she always act cool... 

[News Delusional] Yulsic Drama on Aiport 140802

late preview.. hahaha...
first yulsic moment on  oke, watch this video first...

hoho.. i smile little bit drama..... yulsic always so far when walking on airport and some member always make drama in yulsic relationship  life .. you can read what i post before ... hoho and now Hyoyeon turn to make someone jelaouse..